Telemetry and Bio-logging Solution ​

Tailored to meet all your specific experimental conditions. Acquiring continuous, multimodal data in real-time and over long periods of time has never been easier.
Record 2 to 45 days continuously. Personalize your device (batteries, connectors, electrodes, etc.)

Miniature telemetry device

Ultralight: 2 grams, 2×1 centimeters.

Monitor 2 to 45 days continuously on freely moving subjects, over 8 to 18 configurable channels (EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG,) temperatures, postures…

Reliable & repeatable data

Dual Mode: Bio-logger & Telemetry.
Easilly collect multiple data and share it the way you want.

Dual Mode: Biologger & Telemetry. Easilly collect multiple data and share it the way you want.
Set-Up your own usage channels, frequencies, filters, ranges and recording ranges.

Fully customizable

Unlimited possibilities.

Configure your custom usage channels, frequencies, filters, ranges, and recording options. Personalize your device with choices for batteries, connectors, electrodes, and more.

We are well aware of the challenges you face

Our goal is clear: to give you the keys to an easy, efficient and high quality solution for your research

We adapt

We adapt our solutions to your research needs and conditions.

Your needs

Your needs are at the core of our priorities by ensuring a quick response to your questions.

To innovation

Innovation is our driving force, enjoy a state-of-the-art solution.

Phynitty NANO

Ultra compact solution

Perfect Solution for Your Laboratory Research and Small Animal Studies.

No more complexity, collect the data you really need with ease.
Smaller, less energy-consuming and equipped with 8 recording channelsas, well as an embedded inertial unit, it will be easy to collect multiple cerebral, physiological and behavioral data over long periods of time.

Practicality is its asset, efficiency will be your moto.

Phynitty MAX

Phynitty HR: Perfect solution for telemetry and biologging behond the laboratory

Beyond the limits of the lab

Collect your data anywhere and anytime in
the wild.
Thanks to its wide range of features, explore previously unknown horizons. Collect complex data easily and without limitations with a single system. With 12 recording channels and an on-board inertial unit, this device combines power, accuracy and robustness.

Think bigger, think further with the MAX bio-logger

Phynitty systems in numbers:

2 x 1 cm

Compact system

2 gr


45 days

Continuous recording

18 channels

Customisable configuration


Communicate with bleutooth


Save data on SD card


Collect data of freely moving animals in their natural habitat and monitor them for extended periods of time.


Asses diffrent sleep states and record weeks of circadian cycles.


Assess progressive atrophy and loss of function of neurons in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Cognitive and memory assesment.

A variety of tools and techniques that can be used to assess cognitive and memory function, such as cognitive screening and neuroscience tests..

Drug discovery

Perform studies to discover new candidate medications and conduct physico-chemical assessments.


Investigating nutritional research and its impact on obesity.


Electrophysiological and neurophysiological characteristics of  depression.

Seizure & Epilepsy

Epilepsy studies involve seizure detection from biopotentials.


Assess somatosensory abnormalities, lesion or disease’  to the diagnosis of neuropathic pain.


Dr. Won

Korea Polar Research Institute

"It is a great experience to use the systems. I was very happy with their quick response to my questions. I think researchers can develop their ideas to realize them in the field by consulting with Manitty."


"The Phynitty systems allows me to collect data like never before on many species in their natural habitat.
The team helped me build the perfect solution for my research.
I highly recommend! "

Dr. Libourel

French Neuroscience Reseach Center

"An incredible flexibility of usage for my lab tests and physiological monitoring through telemetry at a very affordable price."


"The biologging systems developed by Manitty have a great potential to study the physiology and behaviour of animals in the wild in unprecedented detail, even under extreme conditions ! "

Dr. Enstipp

Hubert Curien pluridisciplinary Institute

Our Services

Our services have been designed to provide you with a fast and personalized experience.

Our technical team will follow you throughout your research and each of your questions will be answered in a time frame that defies all scientific laws.

Adapted to your needs

We focus on provinding easy, efficient and high quality solution for your research.

Dedicated and reactive team

Our team has a real understanding of the needs and limitations of researchers.

We support your research

20 years of experience to assit you when you need us. A reliable solution, tested and validated in the laboratory and in the field.

Training and installation

We can provide remote or online training to operate the systems and assist you to set them or perform surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions ? Maybe we can answer right now !

Practical questions

Technical questions

Yes, you can and we recommend ordering bundles of 4 or 8 systems for optimum usage and competitive pricing.

All our systems are provides with training materials and can be setup and used in a very easy way.

We provide remote training as well as onsite training on request.

All order include the necessary material to start acquiring data. We do provide several optional accessories and consumables for purchase.

Depending on your choice of batteries, you can monitor the subjects from 2 to 45 days.

The weight will depend your technical choices (batteries, types of recording..). Your technical team is available to provide a precise assessment of your research needs to build the most adapted system for you.

In its logger form, Phynitty systems can record unlimited number of animals.

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Tell us more your research

Because every research topic and conditions are different, we always tailor our offer and services to your specific  needs .

Phynitty systems are not off-the-shelf items, and may require some level of customization or modification to perfectly address your research requirements . We take into account your specifications in order to provide an accurate quote.

With the information you give us today, we will work on our most adapted technical solution and will reply within 24 hours.