VetMo veterinary patient management app

Performing the operative, dosage and anesthetic follow-up of patients has never been easier.

Streamline your daily practice

The VetMo application is intended for veterinarians to streamline and improve the quality of your services within your structure. Improve patient and client care.

Collaborate efficiently and simply between care teams, reduce data entry errors and keep more complete and automatically organized medical records.

Digitization of paper files

Replace paper with digital and pdf forms while adhering to data privacy regulations.

We are committed to providing an efficient, reliable and secure solution. Our platform is designed to help improve the entire process of support from preoperative preparation, anesthesia, to postoperative recovery.

Flexible and automated use

Manage your clinic, anywhere and anytime, even remotely. You don’t have to worry about backups, security or data storage, our platform takes care of everything.

With our simple and intuitive interface, you will be able to easily manage and monitor patient status, medications and other clinical data, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

We are aware of the challenges you face

Our objective is clear: to give you the keys to a simple, effective and quality solution for your operational monitoring.

We adapt

We adapt our solutions to your needs and working conditions.

Your needs

Your needs are at the heart of our priorities by ensuring a quick response to your questions.

To innovation

Innovation is our driving force, take advantage of a state-of-the-art solution.

What VetMo can analyze!

Our services

Our services have been designed to provide you with a seamless and personalized experience. 

Our dedicated technical team will support you throughout your daily practices, ensuring that all your questions are promptly answered, surpassing the limits of time set by scientific laws.


Customize Your Needs

We are committed to providing simple, effective, and high-quality solutionsdesigned to meet your clinic's specific requirements..

Dedicated and Responsive Team

Our team genuinely understands the needs and limitations of veterinarians, offering unwavering support and quick responsiveness.

Comprehensive Support at Every Step

With 20 years of experience, we offer reliable assistance whenever you need it. Our solution undergoes rigorous testing in both lab and real-world settings for utmost reliability.

Training and Installation

We offer remote or online training to help you operate our systems and assist with setup or performing surgeries.

VetMo essentiels

Cabinet novice
  • 8 canaux analysés
  • Cloud
  • Historique post, per et préopératoire


Cabinet standard
$ 24
  • 18 canaux analysés
  • Export pdf
  • Analyse du niveau d'anésthésie

VetMo Pro

Cabinet spécialisé
  • 18 canaux analysés
  • Prise en compte des précedentes opérations et pathologie
  • Suivi de la médicamentation de l'animal


Dr. Won

Institut coréen de recherche polaire

"It's been a great experience using the systems. I've been very pleased with their quick response to my questions. I believe researchers can bring their ideas to the field by consulting with Manitty."


"The Phynitty systems allow me to collect data like never before on multiple species in their natural habitat. The team helped me build the perfect solution for my research. I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Libourel

Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences

"Incredible flexibility of use for my laboratory tests and physiological monitoring by telemetry at a very affordable price."


"The biologging systems developed by Manitty have great potential to study the physiology and behavior of animals in the wild without precedent, even under extreme conditions!"

Dr. Enstipp

Institut pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien

They support our project and your comfort:

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We may be able to answer right away!

Practical Questions​

Technical Questions​

At the moment we only do pets. Dogs, cats,…

All our systems come with comprehensive training materials and are designed for easy setup and usage.

We offer the flexibility of both remote and on-site training upon request.

Depending on your choice of batteries, you can monitor the subjects from 2 to 45 days.

The weight will depend your technical choices (batteries, types of recording..). Your technical team is available to provide a precise assessment of your research needs to build the most adapted system for you.

Dites nous en plus !

Parce que chaque sujet et chaque conditions de recherche sont différents, nous adaptons toujours notre offre et nos services à vos besoins spécifiques.

Les systèmes Phynitty peuvent nécessiter un certain niveau de personnalisation ou de modification pour répondre parfaitement à vos besoins de recherche . Nous prenons en compte votre cahier des charges afin de vous fournir un devis précis.

Avec les informations que vous nous donnez aujourd’hui, nous travaillerons sur notre solution technique la plus adaptée et vous répondrons dans les 24 heures.

Tell us more your research

Because every research topic and conditions are different, we always tailor our offer and services to your specific  needs .

Phynitty systems are not off-the-shelf items, and may require some level of customization or modification to perfectly address your research requirements . We take into account your specifications in order to provide an accurate quote.

With the information you give us today, we will work on our most adapted technical solution and will reply within 24 hours.