Veterinary Surgery and Anesthetic Management App​

Performing surgical procedures, anesthesia dosing and monitoring for patients has never been easier

Streamline your daily practice

The VetMo application is designed for veterinarians to enhance the efficiency and quality of their services within their practice, ultimately leading to improved patient and client care.

Collaborate efficiently and simply between care teams, reduce data entry errors and keep more complete and automatically organized medical records.

Digitization of paper files

Transition from paper to digital and PDF forms while adhering to data privacy regulations.

We are dedicated to delivering an efficient, dependable, and secure solution. Our platform is meticulously designed to enhance the entire support process, spanning from preoperative preparation, anesthesia administration, to postoperative recovery.

Flexible and automated use

Manage your clinic, anywhere and anytime, even remotely. You don’t have to worry about backups, security or data storage, our platform takes care of everything.

Our user-friendly and intuitive interface empowers you to efficiently manage and monitor patient statuses, medications, and other clinical data, ensuring optimal outcomes.

A Revolutionary Application for Surgical and Anesthetic Management

Optimize your veterinary practice with VetMo, an advanced Anesthesia Record Application. Free yourself from paperwork by dematerializing surgical reports. Benefit from the simplicity of digital documentation and efficient data management.

VetMo App

Your time-saving ally in surgical documentation!

VetMo isn’t just an app; it makes veterinary professionals’ work simpler, more organized, stress-free and ensure better efficiency for your practice.

Break free from

tedious record-keeping

VetMo is your partner to dematerialize surgical reports; be paperless, say good-bye to clipboards and manual record hasles — VetMo keeps things smooth and effortless.

Vet Handy Assistant
for Stress-Free Practices!

Why Choose Us?

Effortless Workflow

VetMo streamlines daily operations, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing overall efficiency with a user-friendly search bar for swift patient information retrieval.

gain accessibility

Update records and collaborate anytime, anywhere, beyond the office.

Efficient Record-keeping

Simplify your workload, focus on care for easy and accurate management of patient histories and surgery details.

enhanced patient safety

Prioritize patient well-being and elevate safety effortlessly by ensuring secure surgical care.

Minimized Risk

VetMo minimizes data entry errors associated with manual record-keeping, ensuring accurate and reliable medical records entered directly into the app.

Reduced costs

Eliminate the need for paper and digitize tasks involved in managing the surgery process.

Automated Alerts

The app can be programmed to generate automated alerts for important events, such as drug interactions or patient allergies to ensure that patient care is not forgotten.

Enhanced Collaboration

VetMo facilitates easy record sharing with other healthcare providers, fostering efficient collaboration between care teams for coordinated patient care.

Real-time data entry

VetMo allows for real-time data entry, which can help to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Our Pricing is Tailored for All Size of Structure

Basic Plan

Get the most of VetMo app​
FREE Forever
  • Patient Medical Files​
  • Real-Time Surgical Monitoring​
  • Pre / Per / Post Operative Workflow Management​
  • Digital Surgical Report​

Premium Plan

For single user in professional structure​
24 Monthly
  • Basic Plan​
  • Unlimited Report Export​
  • Unlimited Patients​
  • Email Support
  • Add Free

Enterprise Plan

For medium to large structures​
99 Monthly
Engagement for 12 Months
  • Premium Plan​
  • Personalised Report​
  • Up to 5 Users​
  • Collaborative Workflow​
  • Direct Support​
  • For special requests or if you require interfacing with your infor​mation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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To innovation

Innovation is our driving force, take advantage of a state-of-the-art solution.

What VetMo can monitor!

Our services

Our services are expertly crafted to deliver a seamless and personalized experience.

Our dedicated technical team will support you throughout your daily practices, ensuring that all your questions are promptly answered, surpassing the limits of time set by scientific laws.

Customize Your Needs

We are committed to providing simple, effective, and high-quality solutionsdesigned to meet your clinic's specific requirements..

Dedicated and Responsive Team

Our team genuinely understands the needs and limitations of veterinarians, offering unwavering support and quick responsiveness.

Comprehensive Support at Every Step

With 20 years of expertise, we deliver dependable support whenever needed. Our solution undergoes thorough testing in collaboration with the Anicural group and Le Parc Zoologique in Lyon, ensuring the highest reliability for veterinary surgical record management.

Training and Installation

We offer remote or online training to help you operate our systems and assist with setup or performing surgeries.

They support our project and your comfort:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We are here to answer all your questions !

Practical Questions​

Technical Questions​

At the moment we only do pets. Dogs, cats,…

VetMo offers a versatile pricing structure catering to various needs. Starting with a free version for basic functionalities, users can opt for the 24€ version, providing access to a comprehensive set of features. For larger-scale structures with more extensive requirements, VetMo offers a 99€ version, delivering a comprehensive functionality package to meet a broader range of veterinary practice needs.

VetMo monitors crucial channels, including heart rate, respiratory rate, pressures, SPO2, ETCO2, and anesthesia-specific parameters such as reflexes and extra drugs. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate data capture, supporting informed decision-making and enhancing patient safety during surgeries.)

The VetMo app provides comprehensive anesthesia management, including pre-anesthesia assessment, real-time monitoring during surgery, and post-surgery recovery tracking. It ensures accuracy, safety, and scalability for veterinarians.

Yes, VetMo is compatible with bot mobile devices and tablets, it adds a convenient dimension to its usability for veterinarians, allowing you to access patient data and manage anesthesia procedures from tablets or smartphones. 

Yes, your medical data can be exported. You can view it as a PDF and export it to other numeric platforms such as WhatsApp, email, Bluetooth after a surgery is done.

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