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Unlocking data accessibility

Where cerebral, physiological, and behavioral data converge through biomonitoring, telemetry, and biologging for groundbreaking insights.

Our team counts experts in nanotechnologies, electronics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and behavior analysis.
This combination of scientific and technical knowledge brings reliable and highly precise tools for various fields of applications. We provide the most advanced neurodiagnostic and remote patient monitoring solution of the world.

Behavior analysis

We understand your challenges

Biomonitoring Solutions tailored just for you​

Tailored for telemetry and long-term biomonitoring, our solutions adapt to unique experimental conditions. Acquire multimodal real-time data effortlessly.

Veterinarians face common challenges across species. Biomonitoring aids in perfect sedation monitoring and assists in diagnosing animals.

Break free from clinic limitations. EEG monitoring is now portable, enabling continuous biomonitoring or remote consultations in expert-depleted areas anytime, anywhere.

Our valued partners

We are innovators and we develop the most cutting-edge telemetry and biologging solutions

Our state-of-the-art technology uses biomonitoring to perfectly monitor the status of the subjects and help the veterinarians make accurate decisions.

Experience innovation, simplicity, and flexibility. Each subject and research topic is unique; we offer a device that can be adapted to all your specific experimental conditions. Acquiring continuous multimodal data in real time and over extended periods has never been easier.

Our product is the ideal solution for making biomonitoring accessible, more convenient and accessible even for isolated communities. Our data-driven solution applied with non-invasive method which has profound implications for health.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your biomonitoring needs.

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Tell us more your research

Because every research topic and conditions are different, we always tailor our offer and services to your specific  needs .

Phynitty systems are not off-the-shelf items, and may require some level of customization or modification to perfectly address your research requirements . We take into account your specifications in order to provide an accurate quote.

With the information you give us today, we will work on our most adapted technical solution and will reply within 24 hours.