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We aim to make anesthesia more predictable and precise!


Since 2009, We Have Succeeded In Developing The Most Advanced Digital Transmitting Tool To Analyze The Brain Of The Animals.

Our founding team in collaboration for 10 years.

Our team is consisted of a sleep specialist from CNRS, a biosensors and electronics expert, and an international sales representative.

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Precision and Quality Come First! We Make Sure That Every Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Simplest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

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Veterinarians often struggle with many of the same issues with dogs, cats, and other animals. Animals are unlike human, they lack the ability to describe either physical or phycological discomfort. With our knowledge and experience, we develop the most advanced technology to complete EEG solutions to enhance animal operation. Through our brain detection technology, when an animal is anaesthetized, the veterinarians are capable to make more precise decisions based on the information provided by the brain waves.

Quality Unsurpassed

We have been developing and producing innovative solutions for brain data collection and display technology for over 15 years. Always with a focus on meeting the needs of our customers. We guarantee the best quality, flexible sources, easy installation, and professional analysis using our advanced technology. We take our commitment to health, safety and knowledge very seriously by democratizing access to neurological data.

The Ultimate Tool of Medical Features of EEG Systems

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