About Us

High-quality biomonitoring solutions

We aim to make biomonitoring accessible for all and improve the wellbeing of humans and animals.


We have succeeded in developing the most advanced connected device (IOT) to analyze well being of humans and animals.

Our team is consisted of a sleep specialist from CNRS, a biosensors and electronics expert, a specialist in project management and an international sales representative

Who is Manitty ?

Manitty offers the opportunity to contribute to life’s most important endeavours: improving the lives of others. 

Because we are a company, we can integrate on what matters: the development of innovative solutions.

Making great innovations isn’t complicated, it’s simple, but it’s hard, downright hard! The first, difficult step is to remove the obstacles that hinder our great innovations and simplify as much as possible. We do that.

The second, difficult step is to always have the determination to move forward even on those days when great ideas die, and ideas die here, in every project, things change and evolve rapidly. Great revolutionary ideas die horribly, sometimes violently, but we believe in our ability to come up with new, more revolutionary and even better ideas. Here, what we do is simple, but difficult.

Our mission is to positively participate in the world and the community with state-of-the-art solutions, to translate physical and mental states in real time, generating reliable indicators with the aim of improving human and animal well-being.

Our vision is to make our body understandable anywhere, anytime and for everyone.

There’s no way we can do that without a consistently positive attitude. We believe it is our most powerful tool. This attitude shapes our future and creates our momentum. It allows us to move forward when we push the boundaries of what is possible. We imagine an endless stream of positive outcomes and put aside cynical and negative thoughts since we know how powerful this positive attitude can be in our lives.

The people who do things are the people who change the world.

At Manitty we are in the “game”, there is no bench, only action and team play. Creating great, transformative and shareable innovations starts with action. Here we test, we create, we manufacture… while having fun! We are in the “game”….

We must remember, at all times, that while we strive to achieve our objectives, we must do so according to the highest ethical standards of compliance, procedures and practices. Our fundamental values are based on benevolence; everyone must be able to express their opinions without fear of judgment or sanction – Everyone’s opinion matters!

In the end, leadership is simple, it’s just about being a good human being who helps others.

Manitty offers the opportunity to contribute to life’s most important endeavours: improving the lives of others. 

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of Experience

Precision and Quality Come First! We Make Sure That Every Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Simplest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions

Veterinarians often struggle with many of the same issues with dogs, cats, and other animals. Animals are unlike human, they lack the ability to describe either physical or phycological discomfort. With our knowledge and experience, we develop the most advanced technology to complete EEG solutions to enhance animal operation. Through our brain detection technology, when an animal is anaesthetized, the veterinarians are capable to make more precise decisions based on the information provided by the brain waves.

Quality Unsurpassed

We have been developing and producing innovative solutions for brain data collection and display technology for over 15 years. Always with a focus on meeting the needs of our customers. We guarantee the best quality, flexible sources, easy installation, and professional analysis using our advanced technology. We take our commitment to health, safety and knowledge very seriously by democratizing access to neurological data.

The Ultimate Tool of Medical biomonitoring Systems

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