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We’re builders! With endless ideas and our own bare hands, we create, develop and validate long and short-term projects. Some of them eventually turned into the incredible products you can check on this page. 

Every step of the way, Manitty’s team of experts collaborate with users and customers, so that they can provide reliable and precise products as well as learn and iterate as they build world-class solutions.

Ambulatory Medecine - Seizure Biomonitoring
Our Innovations

Brain Monitoring Focused Products!

Our state-of art technology using EEG biomonitoring to perfectly monitor the status of animals, which helps the veterinarians make accurate decisions.

Our data-driven solution applied with non-invasive method which has profound implications for health. This analysis equipment raise awareness of sleep health and sleep issues.

Our product is the ideal solution for making EEG monitoring accessible, more readily available or convenient, even the isolated community.

Our solution employs innovative automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that simplify streamline operation. Eliminate the errors occurred during manual, repetitive tasks. 

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